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Business Rates Advice

If you are paying Business Rates, our expert team can ensure that your rating liabilities are minimised and maintained at their lowest possible levels.

We have a proven track record, with over 25 years’ experience, advising both occupiers and property owners in the reduction and minimisation of their business rates liabilities.

Maughan Mitchell’s in-depth knowledge of the rating system, including legislation and case law, has enabled us to successfully minimise clients’ tax liabilities across a diverse range of properties. The Rating Advice we provide to clients covers the main classes of, offices, warehouses, factories and shops as well as more specialist property types, including public houses, restaurants and hotels, car showrooms, car parks, marinas, ferry terminals and golf clubs.

Whether you are a Property Fund, Investor, or Developer, or an Occupier of business space, our specialist team has the extensive expertise you need.

Bespoke Occupied Rates advice

At Maughan Mitchell we consciously work closely with clients to ensure the very best bespoke advice and long term outcomes. The main areas of consideration for our occupier clients tend to be the level of their Business Rates Assessments and the Tax Liabilities attached to these. Our advice is not however simply Rating Appeal focussed. Instead we actively manage strategies for clients, with a continual review of our clients’ situations, changes to their properties and factors impacting their buildings and any Rates Reliefs which may become relevant. Legislation relating to available Rates Relief is continually changing and we ensure we are at the forefront of this, to ensure our clients’ interests are always best protected.

Specialist Empty Rates advice

Our specialist Empty Rates service is aimed at property owners. We work closely with our owner clients, putting together bespoke strategies to Minimise Rates, focussing on the specifics of each development or building and the circumstances. Our advice includes, where appropriate, considering the possibility of being able to Delete, or Zero Rate, an Assessment, Deferring bring an Assessment into the Rating List, Rates Mitigation strategies and reducing the level of Rating Assessments.

On a predominantly performance related fee basis, Maughan Mitchell provide a friendly and professional specialist Business Rates service, ensuring our clients’ Tax Liabilities are minimised.

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