Maughan Mitchell welcome the news from the Chancellor that Business Rates relief will be extended, from 100% relief for smaller leisure and retail (as announced at the Budget), to all regardless of size, with smaller businesses now also being eligible for an additional £25,000 grant.

With the increase in EU State Aid, under Covid 19 measures, to €500,000 per company, this will also provide additional assistance.

However, this EU limit remains unhelpful at this testing time and far too low to help many larger businesses who pay significantly more than this in Business Rates annually.

Further, what hasn’t been said is the government’s position regarding buildings which are not being used, with staff directed to work from home – these buildings are effectively not capable of use, given the current government advice – but will Local Authorities agree to relief, or argue the buildings are occupied with equipment etc, only not being staffed at the moment.

Maughan Mitchell are experts in Business Rates and can help businesses struggling with the recent changes and help realise much needed rate savings, where Local Authorities are not being as helpful as they should. We urge businesses who need assistance to reach out to us and we will naturally do all we can to help.