Through 2020 Maughan Mitchell secured significant wins for a number of clients who found their businesses adversely impacted by the ‘lockdown’ due to Covid 19, helping them through the difficult time.

Following ‘lockdown’ the Government announced an extension to their existing Retail Relief scheme, known as the ‘Expanded Retail Discount’ to include all retail properties, regardless of size of Rateable Value and extended to include Leisure and Hospitality – reducing Business Rates to zero for 2020/21. On top of this, grants were introduced by the Government, under three schemes – ‘coronavirus Small Business Grant Fund’, ‘coronavirus Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund’ and ‘coronavirus Local Authority Discretionary Grants Fund’, with qualifying businesses receiving payments from councils.

In theory the appropriate Business Rates Reliefs and Coronavirus Grants should have been simple enough to secure by businesses, but a number of our clients found this not to be the case and turned to us for support.

For our clients, we successfully brought Rating Assessments into the Rating List and secured Rateable Value reductions to enable qualification for Reliefs and Grants, negotiated with Local Councils for Reliefs and Grants to be applied, being persistent with reasoned argument and petitioned local MPs and the Government to support our clients, where Local Councils were reluctant to help (with some councils feeling they could not help due to the specific wording of Government Guidance).

The clients we have supported secured benefit, by way of Reliefs and Grants in excess of £500,000, as a result of our persistence and negotiation with the authorities.

Business Rates Grants and Reliefs due to Covid 19