Having reviewed this recently published government ‘Interim Review’ into how the CCA appeal process is working and the End of List Arrangements, Maughan Mitchell feel –

It unfortunately says very little of worth, does not address the issues the industry has with the current CCA system and of particular note is the fact it ignores the professional bodies open letter of 8th January (see our last article), asking the government to address issues with the CCA system. It unfortunately appears to be a box ticking exercise by the government (saying they have reviewed the system), rather than actually addressing the issues the industry is seeing.

We feel the document could have simply said –

  1. The Government feel it is too early to make judgement on the CCA system, but is happy with the lower number of Appeals
  2. The Government reluctantly are keeping with the norm, in closing the ability to appeal the 2017 Rating List on the last day of the Rating List – 31st March 2021
  3. The Government doesn’t wish to make any comment on the professional bodies letter of 8th January, which asks the Government to address problems which the industry is seeing in the CCA system

But instead the document is padded with lots of words, but unfortunately very little real meaning in terms of it addressing the issues. Perhaps if it didn’t have the amount of words it couldn’t have been called a Government ‘Review’, ticking the necessary box! And why make the document this short if taxpayers money can be used to make it longer!

Read the Governments ‘Interim Review of Reforms to the Business Rates Appeals System‘ as a PDF.