Acting on behalf of The Surrey Park Clinic, a leading fertility and gynaecological treatment specialist, we have successfully agreed terms for them to Renew their Lease, at Surrey Research Park, Guildford.

Our clients lease a large office suite, from the University, on the ground floor of Stirling House, Surrey Research Park.

Despite the pandemic, occupancy levels on the popular Office Park remained very good and we were therefore faced with a ‘bullish’ landlord, initially quoting a significant Rent increase, with a rent in excess of £30 per Sq Ft.

As usual we met with our client, to understand their needs, inspected the subject property and undertook a thorough review of relevant Rental evidence, in order to engage the Landlord and negotiate effectively with them.

Ultimately, we were able to negotiate a new Lease at a considerably lower rental level, with a period of Rent Free, preserving our client’s occupation on the Office Park, agreeing very competitive lease terms.