Acting on behalf of our longstanding client Polystar, we successfully settled a problem Rent Review and Re-geared their long lease.

Our clients, who held the long leasehold interest in an industrial property in central Southampton, were faced with a number of unresolved Rent Reviews under their lease contract, with the lease having a complex and ambiguous Rent Review clause.

Prior to our involvement the complex issues had led to conflict between the parties. We were able to step in, engage with the landlords with a voice of reason, to ultimately resolve the dispute.

By compiling a comprehensive body of rental evidence and putting forward a robust argument, we were able to achieve a significant reduction in the landlords quoting rent and importantly settle a Review which had been outstanding for a number of years.

Further, we were able to agree to incorporate a new, much clearer, Rent Review provision within the lease contract, by means of a Deed of Variation, to solve the issues within the lease and assist with any future conflict.

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